Housesitting & Boarding

Housesitting & Boarding with Complete Pet Services

Housesitting is where we move into YOUR house and care for your pets in their own environment. We feel customers like the fact that there is also added security to their property when they are away, and someone coming and going from their property!  All you have to supply is your pets and enough food for them whilst you are away, its as simple as that! We will also carry out other tasks such as bringing in post, watering plants, putting bins out etc.Bella

Boarding is where your dog goes on its own holiday and stays with us in OUR home, they’re treated like one of our own, have full run of the house and added bonus will always have a play mate!

When carrying out a housesit or board we need to be sure that your dog fits within with our daily routines, which would involve travelling in our vehicles with other dogs and being socialiable on his/her walks. This is very important as we deal with all types of breeds big and small.  All our dogs we currently walk get on well together and are always happy for a new friend to join their group!

Your dog will generally accompany us throughout the day and come on all our walks with their canine friends, this obviously depends on age and fitness of your dog at the present time. If your dog does not socialise well with other dogs it is best to advise us in advance so we can discuss your requirments, that will fit into our daily routines.

We often pop down south coast to The Witterings to visit my partners kids, and we like the fact that we can give your dogs a little holiday at the same time.  They stay with us in our caravan on a dog friendly campsite, with plenty of fields to run around in but best of all we can take them for lovely long walks down the beach where they have fun running free and splashing in and out of the sea!