Dog Walking

Dog Walking by Complete Pet Services  Harry

Complete Pet Services Dog Walking Service typically consists of walking your pets in the local areas with a small group of other dogs. Both our vehicles have seperated compartments, and lined out with Astro Turf so all your dogs travel in comfort.

All the dogs we walk get on well with each other, and happily let new dogs join their group.  They are encouraged to interact, have a good run around and play together, which also helps build up their social skills with dogs of different sizes and breeds.




We use basic training to encourage the dogs to behave obediently and ensure  behaviours such as sitting before crossing the road, not pulling on a lead, good recall when off lead on walks and plenty of praise for good behaviour.

Our favourite walks around the area are always safe places for them to run and enjoy their walks such as:  Chorleywood House, Philips Hill Woods, Scotsbridge Mill, Whippendell Woods, Carpenters Park Woods, Croxley Moors, Chipperfield Woods.  In the summer we love going for splash in the river, nice to cool down after running free with our canine friends!

Benji Archie and MokshaPuppy Visits with Complete Pet Services

Its lovely when you bring home your new member of the family – your puppy, but admittedly they are more needy when so young but don’t panic as we offer puppy visits where we will pop in and play with your pup take them for short walk, help with basic training and give them his or her lunch/ dinner etc

The amount of visits is up to you and will vary depending on how long they’re being left for.

Six month old Shepherd