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Dog walking is certainly our speciality and we aim to be the highlight of your dog's day!
We offer fun, exhilarating and varied walks across beautiful fields, woodlands and rivers in Chorleywood, Rickmansworth, Croxley Green, Bovingdon and Sarratt.
We group our dogs by area so they have a limited amount of time travelling to their walking destinations. Grouping dogs by areas means they tend to walk with the same pack and form such strong bonds. The friendships formed help increase the dogs confidence, socialisation and this is really evident when you see how much fun they have!
Our spacious vans are ventilated and split into separate compartments to ensure the safety of all dogs on board. We carry fresh drinking water which is refilled throughout the day.
All of our walking routes take around an hour and include controlled walking and free run play time. We walk 4-6 dogs at a time and can accommodate flexible walk times and ad hoc bookings.
We provide a free consultation meeting to get an in-depth understanding of your dog's personality and requirements, and to discuss our Policies and Procedures.

                                                  Single dog: £15 per walk
                                2 dogs from the same household:  £24 per walk

After having fun dogs are returned home as clean as possible thanks to our fully equipped vans with portable dog showers and towels.

Doggy Daycare

Do you have a dog who is full of energy and needs more then just a single walk? 
Why don't you consider our doggy daycare?
We currently offer a 4 hour daycare. This includes two long walks, play time with doggy friends and lots of social interaction, after which we will drop them back to rest and sleep before your return home, ready to greet you with their happy, waggy tails.


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